Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As we are asked questions we will list them here as we pride ourselves in being very open and transparent.

What is your hourly maintenance fee?

Our standard rate is $70 per hour.  Most property management companies call HVAC, plumbers, and handyman services.   We pride ourselves in fixing as much as we possibly can to help save property owners unnecessary expenses for simple fixes.

How much do you charge to manage properties?

Depending on the property our standard rate is 7% of all income.   Well below our competitions rates of 6-10% with a majority being closer to 10%. Minimum $70 per unit per month.

What is you policy on parties?

We do not allow parties, illegal drugs, loud, boisterous, unruly and/or thoughtless behavior, or activates that cause the re-occurring unnecessary presence of emergency responders that disturbs the rights of other residents.

Do you allow smoking in your units?

All of our properties are smoke free. No smoking of any kind allowed indoor and within 25 feet of any window or door.

How do you help provide safety for your tenants?

All units are secured with deadbolts and key changes between tenants. Our larger buildings have security cameras and secure entrances with a policy against giving guest the entry code.

Do you allow pets in your units?

Depending on the property owner yes we allow pets in our rentals. Additional pet rent and security deposit may be required. All pets must be approved by management and have a signed pet agreement before the pet arrives.

How do you control pet waste in the yard?

As a condition of the pet agreement, all dogs must be registered with PooPrints, pets must be leased when outside of the unit, and waste must be cleaned up immediately.

Do you allow felons in your units?

Depending on the property owner yes we allow felons into our rentals.   We believe in second chances.   Depending on level of felony additional conditions may be required.  See Felon-Policy.

Do you do background and credit checks?

Yes, absolutely for your benefit and ours.   If you are looking for someone that doesn’t be aware that you may not be selecting the best property for you.   Depending on each individual circumstance we can do our best to work with your situation.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions.

Were can I find more tenant information?

On the home page, follow the tenant link. There you will find helpful information about leases, maintenance, and other policies. You may also use the search feature to help find the information you seek.

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