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Bismarck Mandan Rentals  Philosophy

Are you looking for a 24/7 Bismarck Mandan property management company?  Look no further…Bismarck Mandan Rentals LLC is your premier 24/7 Bismarck Mandan property management company.  We are here to serve our customers whether you are a prospect, tenant, property owner, or service provider.

Simply put we do the right thing for you as the tenant and/or property owner.   Our approach is very much hands on and we make sure that the premise is well taken care of for all parties as we are your premier Bismarck Mandan property management company.  We understand that the property is a home and investment.   As property owners ourselves we want the very best for all parties.

We pride ourselves by being different.   We are involved.  We maintain our properties.   We are available 24/7 for showings.   We pride ourselves on being able to provide the very best services for our tenants and property owners.   We like to say that we would live in all of our units.

Much like the Boy Scout Law we believe in being:  Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Bismarck Mandan Rentals  Story

In 1999 while single Scott built his first house.  Not knowing if he could afford it he built a duplex in Bismarck.   Living upstairs and renting out the garden level he quickly learned that tenants are all unique and want the very best.   Renting the 2-bedroom garden level was challenging at times.  $600-700 for rent was the going price and knowing that you had to make ends meet that was scary at moments when one winter the apartment sat empty for 3 months as it was a hard winter.     Like most of you he made due and kept going forward.   Learning while working is the American way.   

Since than Scott has steadily added additional units to his portfolio and was recently in a predicament of how to manage several units.    He started to look at property management companies and quickly learned that they varied in their services provided and the costs they charge.   Being an Eagle Scout Scott had a hard time with the quality of services he was seeing in relation to the costs and decided that maybe it was time for a new property management company that valued Honesty, Integrity, and Comfortable living.    That is where Bismarck Mandan Rentals LLC found it’s beginnings in the fall of 2018.    We hope to be able to provide quality services to our property owners and tenants at a fair and reasonable price.

Meet the Bismarck Mandan Rentals Team

While our team is small we make a great impact on our tenants and property owners.

Scott Kautzman

Founder & CEO

Scott is a father of three (Nakeesha and the twins “Sophia & Zachary”), a loving wife “Joell”, and a mini golden-doodle Champ and a full sized Charlie.  Scott spends most of his time with his family and running his business.   As a family we like to go to the movies, shopping, camping, boating, and outdoor activities.    Scott is referred to by the tenants as the go to guy wearing multiple hats.   (Handyman, lawn care, evening receptionist, etc.)


Leasing Agent, Office Assistant 

Serenity is a mother of two, she has a great sense of humor that is enjoyed by all. She also has the uncanny ability to read people. She never tires of learning and trying new things.


Leasing Agent, Office Manager

Kendra is a mother of two. If she’s not in the office, she is at a sporting event, out camping, hunting or on the back of a horse. She enjoys helping others and finding ways to improve our customer relations.

Curt Buzalsky


Curt has six kids and he can get along with anybody. He loves to visit and has a great sense of humor. He love cars, pickups and anything that goes fast.

Family Business

Worker Bees, Playing Bees

Bismarck Mandan Rentals LLC is a family business, we have our families working with us in different ways. Every person has been given different talents, we love to find ways for each person in our lives to use those talents. We also all of our kids have responsibilities.  If you see us out and about working on properties you are sure to meet our kids.   Our kids are the ones that  are usually picking up the trash, cigarette buds, and playing in the yards or using chalk on the sidewalks.

Next Steps…

Bismarck Mandan Rentals LLC is always looking for property owners that would like to use our services.  We invite you to give us a call to discuss your property needs and how we can assist you in protecting and growing your investment.