Building Rules

These “Rules” are documented for the benefit of all of our tenants in understanding what our expectations are in the properties that BMR manages. We invite you to submit comments and additional rules at the end of this page.


  1. Rent is due by the 1st of the month unless your lease states differently.
  2. Rent may be paid online 24/7 thru the tenants online portal. Link your checking and/or savings account and pay rent for free and have it posted to the tenant portal immediately. Credit Card payments are also able to be made with an additional credit card processing fee. You also have the ability to pay rent with cash at Wal-Mart or CVS, ask staff for your customized PaySlip to use this feature.
  3. Rent must be paid by 4 p.m. the day it’s due otherwise the system applies late fees automatically according to the lease documents. Late fees apply at 4 p.m. daily for any unpaid balances.
  4. Rent is considered received when posted to the Tenant Portal.


  1. All of our properties are drug free and crime free zones. Any tenant found violating these ND Laws and common sense will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Failure to comply will result in termination of lease at the discretion of the management team.
  2. There is NO SMOKING of any kind allowed in or on our properties. You may smoke in your own vehicles provided you don’t litter on our property. Please be kind and respectful and do not smoke by the walkways or entrances of the building.
  3. No firearms, explosives, or hazardous items are allowed in any of our buildings without the written approval of property management.

We fully support and participate with our local law enforcement agencies.


  1. All vehicles must be parked in an approved parking space.
  2. All vehicles must be licensed in North Dakota within 15 days and must be insured and displaying a valid ND licenses plate.
  3. All vehicles must be operable.
  4. All vehicles must be moved every 72 hours
  5. No trailers, RVs, or Commercial Vehicles of any kind are allowed on premises without written management approval.
  6. All vehicles must be operable and undamaged. (Vehicles that appear to be in disrepair (broken windows, flat tires, bumper falling off, smashed vehicles, etc.) will not be allowed on premises)
  7. Anyone parking a vehicle must have there cell phone and email address updated in the tenant portal, in order, to aid with notification for snow removal.
  8. When requested all vehicles must be moved timely to aid in snow removal.
  9. Management will tow vehicles that are parked in another tenants assigned parking spot.
  10. No parking multiple tenant vehicles in guest parking. If you have multiple vehicles you must use on street parking, rent another parking spot, or rent a garage (if available). Parking permits may be issued for multiple vehicle parking circumstances.

Any vehicle that does not adhere to this section of the rules will be towed at the owners expense without notification. Please contact Dakota Towing to retrieve your vehicle. After 20 days it will be sold or sent to the scrap yard at Dakota Towing’s discretion. Bismarck Mandan Rentals takes no responsibilities for vehicles that violate this section and they are towed at vehicle owners expense.


Submit your recommendation for building rules here.   

Please let us know where you currently live to so we can determine if this suggestion is part building specific or should be included in all overall building rules.
We value your opinions so we ask that you provide the building rule as specific as possible so we can address all concerns
Why do you think this rule should be a rule and why should we document it here for all to see.